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What is Formula 1 - Definition of F1 - Formula 1 vs Endurance Racing
The cars are built differently, for different needs. Endurance racing cars have covered wheels and therefore look more like road cars than do F1 cars.
Formula 1 vs IndyCar (Formula 1 in 10 Easy Lessons)
The Indy 500 is the major event of the IndyCar season, and you might think that the cars look like F1 cars. Again, however, this is only an illusion, as an IndyCar ...
Formula 1 Racing vs Formula 3 and GP2 - About.com
You must think I'm joking about this. You've never heard of Formula 3 or GP2. These are as foreign to you as F1 itself. It is important, however, to make a note of  ...
Formula 1 Motor Racing in 10 Easy Lessons - About.com
... idea of what the difference is between F1 and another car racing series. This story will lay out that difference between F1 Grand Prix racing and the other series.
What is Formula 1 - Definition of F1 - Best Drivers in World
All right, if there is any part of the Formula 1 equation that can be disputed, it is whether or not the 22 to 24 drivers in F1 are the best racing car drivers in the ...
What is Formula 1 - Definition of F1 - Pinnacle of Motor Racing ...
It is also at the pinnacle of motor racing both technologically and in terms of the quality of the drivers. Exotic metals and other materials are used to build F1 cars,  ...
What is Formula 1 - Definition of F1 - Formula 1 vs Champ Car
Champ Cars may look the same to someone with an untrained eye, but they are far from being the same as F1 cars: In Formula 1, every team must build its own ...
What is Formula 1 - Definition of F1 - Most Expensive Form of Racing
The result is that the principle sponsors of some of the biggest F1 teams pay up to $50 million per year to have their names plastered onto the cars. This is why ...
What is Formula 1 - Definition of F1 - F1 Racetracks
To anyone vaguely exposed to car racing history, the tracks where F1 Grand Prix races take place are familiar names. The one just about everyone knows, ...
Formula 1 Race Weekend Timetable of Events - Preparations for F1 ...
Although Formula 1 Grand Prix races always take place on a Sunday, there is a lot more activity than that surrounding a race and extending a week around the ...
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